In today’s modern world, many of us experience issues with our wireless network range because of walls, interference and other obstacles around the house. Even those with larger homes struggle with expanding WiFi coverage across all floors of the house, and especially extending WiFi range outdoors. At Home Theatre Connection, we can guide you with your WiFi setup for home connectivity to make sure it’s running with ease.

The Key to Expanding WiFi for your Home

It can be a challenging task to extend WiFi range in and around your home, but at Home Theatre Connection, we make it easy. Before we begin extending the WiFi setup for home, we will ensure you’re not dealing with underlying connectivity problems. It’s important to get the best possible signal from your wireless router, so in order to have it extended as far as you require, especially if you’re extending WiFi range outdoors, we will work to eliminate interference and boost that signal so you’ll have the necessary power you require.

From there, we will put our technical knowledge in expanding WiFi to work with techniques from range extenders to repeaters, to setting adjustments and router upgrades. No matter what actions we deem necessary, you will be up and running smoothly anywhere you connect around your property.

If you’re interested in WiFi setup for home or office, contact us today for more information at 732-591-8080.