If you want to make the most of your home, you have to focus on outdoor living. Take your outdoor enjoyment to a new level with a complete outdoor audio system setup designed and installed by Home Theatre Connection. We make sure entertainment is always front and center, offering outdoor music solutions that will blend seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Experience the Power of a Sonos Outdoor Audio System Setup

The best outdoor sound system is one that keeps you connected and comfortably in control. The sound experts at Home Theatre Connection can provide that and more. We will design and install a complete outdoor audio system setup with equipment from the most innovative outdoor media companies, including Sonos. You’ll have an easy-to-use wireless system that plays your favorite songs, podcasts and radio stations everywhere you go inside AND outside of your home – all controlled simply with your smartphone or tablet.

When designing outdoor music solutions, our installers take every aspect of your home and lifestyle into account. This ensures your system works exactly the way you need to in any situation. Plus, Sonos outdoor sound systems are weather-resistant, take up minimal space and play with incredibly quality.

You Deserve the Best Outdoor Sound System

Home Theatre Connection is ready and waiting to install a stellar outdoor audio system setup in the comfort of your Monmouth County, N.J. backyard. Want to take it even further? We specialize in complete outdoor audio and visual entertainment and will gladly create an outdoor space that will make you never want to leave you backyard.

For more information on our Sonos outdoor music solutions or to schedule a consultation, call us at 732-591-8080.