You’ve heard of the smartphone, but the next big thing is the smart home! With Home Theater Connection, you can enhance and enjoy your home like never before with controlled home automation. Our expert installers will automate your home, tying together the lights, climate control and music under one master control system that works on its own.

Smart Home Installation in New Jersey

Picture this. You’re ready to watch a movie, and with the sound of your voice, your lights dim, your blinds close and your Blu-Ray player kicks into gear. This and more is possible with voice controlled home automation by Home Theater Connection. We’ll turn your home into a smart home with Control4 technology, so that everything works for a more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable experience.

With HCT’s smart home installation, you can relax and entertain in a home that’s enhanced with controlled home automation, indoors and out. With one touch or the sound of your voice, you can change the lighting, play music, turn down the heat, lock your doors and even arm your security system. Better yet, we can automate your home on a schedule so you never have to lift a finger!

If you’d like to experience smarter living with Control4 smart home, contact Home Theater Connection today at 732-591-8080.