Here are some FAQ’s to help you plan your outdoor movie or video party:

  1. What time can an outdoor movie party start? 15-20 minutes after dusk is best. Movies can’t be displayed on an outdoor movie screen in daylight unless you have a well-shaded area. Check sunset times for the date of your party to plan accordingly at
  2. How well do outdoor movie screens do in wind? Up to about 20mph is fine. To help, we can set the outdoor movie screen up parallel to wind or set up the screen in front of a tree or other wind-blocking device.
  3. Who provides the movies or video games? You will need to provide the movies and games of your choice, but we can provide the gaming system outdoor movie projector and all other equipment for your event.
  4. Do I need a license for an outdoor movie party in Monmouth County, NJ? Not if you host a party at your home. If this is a corporate or community event, you will need to obtain a license for the event, which is easy and inexpensive to get.
  5. Do you provide popcorn or snacks? No, we do not supply snacks for your outdoor movie or video party but we can refer you to a local business who can.
  6. What if there is bad weather? If bad weather occurs on the day of your event, we will need to reschedule or set up the screen indoors, if you have room.
  7. How long can our event go? Check your neighborhood or city guidelines in Monmouth County, NJ for outdoor parties to ensure your event falls with all sound curfews.
  8. How long is needed for set-up and clean-up? Up to two hours. We will arrive two hours before you are scheduled to being your event. Clean-up takes about an hour.
  9. What about power and electricity? We provide a quiet generator and take care of power for everything.