Many professional audio-video systems are designed for rack mounting. A home theater rack is great for housing rackable data equipment, such as patch panels, hubs, switches and servers, but many are designed with aesthetics in mind. Audio video rack enclosures come in all shapes and sizes, and at Home Theater Connection, we have just what you need for the best home theater.

House Your in Home Movie Theater

Racks and enclosures form the primary structure of an in home movie theater installation. Amore elaborate home theater rack used in advanced installations often form a complete system—providing added enhancements such as accessories for power distribution, thermal protection, and cable management support. Others come in an attractive finish that adds to the furnishings of the room. Our experts can help you choose the type of home theater rack that best fits your project—many with additional options that let you customize for your installation.

If chosen properly, a component rack will last a lifetime. Therefore, it’s best to invest in your rack. Choose a solution that will handle your present equipment while allowing for possible future expansion. Because when it comes to an in home movie theater, there’s always something new to add!

If you want the best home theater, you need Home Theater Connection. Contact us today at 732-591-8080 to learn more about our home theater rack selection.