These days, it’s easier than ever to consume television shows and movies at home — or rather, it’s easy if you have the best TV setup from the start. At Home Theatre Connection, we’re all about making your electronic entertainment as enjoyable and high quality as possible. That’s why we’re the television installer and TV wall mounting service so many people depend on. If you’re wondering about TV optimization, here’s some valuable information to keep in mind.

Achieve the Best TV Setup

As any TV installer knows, there are specific steps you can take to maximize picture quality. So before you start binge-watching your favorite sitcom or settling in for that summer blockbuster, check out these TV optimization tips and tidbits.

  • Once it’s out of the box, be sure to switch your new television to standard or normal mode. Most televisions are delivered to and from stores and factories in showroom or demo mode. Standard and normal modes provide the best TV setup for most of your viewing needs.
  • Do you have an LCD or LED screen? These offer excellent contrast, but they’re usually set to 100 percent. For the best TV optimization, lower this to around 90 percent to maintain the sharpness while making it easier on the eyes.
  • Unless you’re a professional TV installer and TV wall mounting service, fight the temptation to adjust the color palette. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you can end up making the picture appear muddy or overly bright. The factory settings are usually sufficient.
  • When it comes to sharpness, the factory settings tend to be a big high. Look for non-overscan mode, and if unavailable, adjust the sharpness manually to the range of 10/15.
  • If you’re a gamer, set your TV to the gaming preset if possible. Otherwise, consider manually deactivating the image processing function to reduce lag time.

At a time when staying home and watching some good television is necessity for unwinding and relaxing, the TV installers and TV wall mounting service specialists at Home Theatre Connection want you to have the best experience possible. If you want to take your TV optimization and viewing even further, contact us today at 732-591-8080 for more information.