Entertaining Outdoors – Outfitting Your Outdoor Living Space with Audiovisual Capabilities

With the warm weather fully upon us, more and more homeowners are taking their entertaining outdoors. Is your backyard equipped with audiovisual capabilities? If the answer is no, the question becomes, “why not?” Installing an outdoor sound system, along with video capabilities, opens up a host of party possibilities and isn’t nearly as logistically challenging as it might seem. Whether you regularly play hostess to dozens or are simply looking to upgrade your patio for your family, installing A/V capabilities outdoors allows for family movie nights, pool parties with exceptional playlists and nights of sipping wine and dancing under the stars with your loved ones. Read on to learn how to extend your living area outdoors.

Getting the Best Outdoor Sound Systems

Recently, in response to a demand for more high-tech outdoor living ideas, portable Bluetooth devices and adapters have flooded the market. Marketed as an easy and affordable way to bring your indoor music outside, these devices get the job done but rarely provide the same sound quality as your indoor A/V system. The trick to quality sound outdoors is the installation of quality outdoor speakers. Outdoor home electronics installation by a professional is the only way to achieve the quality you have come to expect from your sound system.

For those hesitant about the cost of upgrading their outdoor sound system, take solace in the fact that outdoor speaker systems come in a number of models at a variety of price ranges. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted speaker for your enclosed patio or choose a rock shaped or in-ground model, a professional A/V installer will understand the unique factors that need to be considered with outdoor sound systems and help you determine which model fits your needs and budget. Given that most patios and backyards are small and neighbors are close by, homeowners need to be careful in ensuring that there is not an overload of sound projection in the area. Therefore, most professional installers suggest facing the speakers towards the house, rather than projecting the noise outward.

Creating Outdoor Video Capabilities

The key to quality outdoor television experiences lies in purchasing the right equipment. Resist the urge to grab a set of bunny ears and stick them on top of a portable TV. Today’s market is full of outdoor television sets. Families can choose whether to opt for HDTV sets or save money and get a basic outdoor television. Today’s models are water, wind and humidity resistant and are specifically designed to stand up to the elements.

There are a few additional factors to be considered when installing backyard movie theater systems. The first is size. Keep in mind that most people will not be dispersed around a patio and not seated directly in front of the television. Therefore, anything smaller than a 46-inch set will be too small for outdoor use. Secondly, consider the sun and the glare. In order to mitigate the effects of the sun’s changing position, install your outdoor television on an adjustable mount that allows for a few different configurations. Lastly, consider lighting. Be sure that your outdoor patio has dim enough lighting to allow for viewing but enough to permit safe movement for guests. A professional home theater installer can help you navigate these considerations.

Hiring an Audio/Video Installer

Installing audio video capabilities outdoors is an investment. Rather than risking subpar quality or faulty installations, hire a professional. These technicians know the unique electrical and aesthetic considerations that need to be weighed before starting installations and will work with you to create a safe, affordable and beautifully high-tech outdoor entertainment area that works for your family’s needs.