How to Make the Most of Outdoor Home Living

The weather’s warming up and there’s no better way to enjoy it than with some good old outdoor home living. These days, it’s nice to stay home with the family and make the most of what you have. Could your backyard use an upgrade? If you don’t already have an outdoor theater and you want … Continued

2020 Trends in Entertainment at Home

Everyone from sports fans to movie buffs are always looking for the best way to experience entertainment at home. This year, it’s all about the home theater and it’s sure to become one of the favorite rooms in the house. If you’re looking to stay on the cutting edge of home technology, check out the … Continued

Why a Control 4 System is a Life Changer for your Home

Advances in smart home devices are making it easier to automate routine tasks, feel safer in our homes and experience entertainment like never before. Leading the charge in this new world of technology is the Control 4 system, the user-friendly smart home platform. Whether you’re a Control 4 owner, a smart-home hopeful or an architect … Continued

Just Add Food—Easy Entertaining with a Home Sound System

Planning on having friends or family over? A home sound system can make your experience a whole lot better. But home audio installation isn’t what it once was. No more bulky, high-fidelity speakers and other assorted equipment that could easily cost you thousands of dollars. That setup has been reshaped into something more compact and … Continued

How to Start Setting Up Home Media Room

There are tons of media room ideas to consider, but none should be simply mounting a TV on the wall and placing speakers sporadically throughout your space. You have great potential to create an escape that looks aesthetically pleasing—and performs  When setting up home media, you should think about a complete entertainment experience that is … Continued

Are you Ready for a Football Party

Football season is upon us, and let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch  on a Sunday to watch the games. But sometimes it’s more fun to watch with friends, some brews, and good food. If you’re planning to have a football party or two this season, you may want to … Continued

The Latest Home Theater Systems

The home theater market continues to grow as more smart home products become available and affordable for today’s consumers. With the new year approaching swiftly, let’s take a look at the trends in home sound and theater that will keep thriving straight through 2018 and beyond. Top Smart Home Products Home Automation There are many … Continued

Connect Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Technology

We all love the convenience of our smartphones, so just imagine how much you’ll love your own smart home. Smart home technology is taking over, turning the standard residence into a home automation hub! Best of all, you can pick and choose elements based on your needs and budget for a completely customized experience. How … Continued

How to Set Up a Small Home Theater System

Small home theater design has been in high demand over the last several years, mostly because the costs of high-definition (HD) televisions have dropped movie theater prices have surged. But a great home cinema system requires more than a good film and visuals. It needs to be loud, connected, comfortable and well lit. If you’re … Continued

How to Prepare for your Outdoor Movie or Video Party

Be Ready for your Backyard Movie Party There’s just something about a backyard movie party that makes you feel all comfy and cozy. While summertime is also a great time to host an outdoor party, with the cooler nights and the warmth of some firepits, now’s the perfect time to start planning. We’ve got the … Continued