Got Wifi Connection Issues?

We’ve all experienced it. You’re on Netflix watching the latest episode of your favorite show, and BAM, the video stops and the buffering starts. But guess what? You don’t have to experience this frustration. When you have good wifi, situations like these are rare. But how can you ensure a strong wifi signal in all rooms of your home or business? Easy. Here are some tips.

5 Ways to Boost Wifi Signal

Dealing with wifi connection issues can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have kids. While you gotta love them, hearing their voices yelling, “Mom, I got knocked off my tablet,” or “Dad, the wifi is down,” every couple of hours can get pretty old. Plus, losing your wifi signal when you run a business can have disastrous effects on client relationships and experiences. Good news is, there are ways to ensure a wifi range increase in your home. Here’s how.

  1. Find the best spot for the router. This little unit is the biggest issue when you’re looking to boost wifi signal. While it’s not the most attractive thing to display in your home, you need to keep it out in the open. Don’t go hiding it in the closet. Instead, try to find a logical central location for it. 
  1. Look into wifi extenders. You can achieve a huge wifi range increase by investing in extenders. Working with a professional company, you can have your signal repeated over a longer distance, or better yet, take advantage of powerline networking, which uses the electrical wiring in your home to transfer bytes to and from your router. The latter is a bit more expensive than repeating the signal, but it’s still affordable and way more effective. Plus, you’ll no longer have to feel strapped to your router. 
  1. Control the quality. When it comes to good wifi, quality is key. Today’s routers are accompanied by Quality-of-Service tools which limit how much bandwidth your apps use. Do you stream a lot of video or use voiceover IP often? Don’t let downloads drain your wifi experience. Take the time to specify which services and apps get priority. The Quality-of-Service settings usually reside in the network’s administrator interface under advanced settings. Many routers eve offer gaming or multimedia settings, which helps a great deal toward having a strong wifi signal in all rooms.
  1. Avoid interference with other devices. Did you know that microwaves and cordless phones can cause wifi connection issues? Improve your signal by purchasing a dual-band router or another band for your cordless phone. If you’d rather not buy new hardware, move the router farther away from any interfering appliances.
  1. Prevent wifi thieves. Even if you’ve set up what you think is a strong wifi password, hackers may be able to figure it out and their usage can affect your signal. If you’re looking for ways to boost wifi signal, a professional IT company can help you find out if someone is stealing your wifi. However, an even better tactic is to install better security to lock them out. A professional can offer security recommendations to help you fully protect your network.

Whether you want a better connection at home or require good wifi to make your business run its best, taking a proactive approach goes a long way in preventing wifi connection issues. There are many affordable options out there that will provide a strong wifi signal in all rooms – all you need to do is partner with a professional to make it happen.