How to Start Setting Up Home Media Room

There are tons of media room ideas to consider, but none should be simply mounting a TV on the wall and placing speakers sporadically throughout your space. You have great potential to create an escape that looks aesthetically pleasing—and performs  When setting up home media, you should think about a complete entertainment experience that is an inviting living space when it’s not being used.

Tips for Designing a Home Theater Room

1. Think about the whole space

One of the most important components setting up home media is the room. Things like dimensions, surfaces, materials, and light all come into play. Maybe you have to set up false walls or use specific materials like carpet to prevent echoing. Whatever the case may be, there’s always a solution.

2. Choose the right display.

Most of home media ideas revolve around the technology. Whether it’s LCD, LED, OLED or plasma, the video display will be your first consideration. The brightest options are the LCDs and LEDs, making them perfect for spaces with natural light. Plasma creates a richer image with flexibility for viewing angles. OLED, which is the newest technology, is thinner, brighter and especially energy efficient.

3. Sound is crucial.

Built-in speakers are great, but they simply don’t compare to the immersive surround-sound system. With five speakers or more plus a subwoofer, you’ll feel like you’re a part of whatever you’re watching. In-ceiling or wireless speaker installations are great options for homeowners.

4. Hide the wires.

Speaking of wires, there are ways to hide them, especially if you start designing a home media room before the drywall goes up. Your professional home theater company can help you with those specifics.

5. Automate the experience.

Finally, you’ll want to tie it all together with automation, eliminating unneeded remotes and adding the use of various devices. Home media ideas should also include a reliable wireless network to stream audio, video, and internet entertainment.

Start Setting up Home Media Today with a Professional

There are plenty of home media components to find but knowing how to make them all work together efficiently and affordably isn’t always easy. Call your home theater company to help you start designing a home media room today.