Make Home Living More Convenient with an All in One Remote

Do you live in a “smart home?” If you don’t, there’s a good chance that you eventually will. With so many families dealing with too many remotes and so many homes threatened by electricity overload, a newly rewired and connected residence is just the thing we all need. Much like a butler, a rewiring job that ties together your home sound system, home theater wiring, lights and more, can manage your home communication and connectivity functioning with very little interaction by you.

How to Deal with Too Many Remotes

slide-05The amount of connected devices installed in American homes will increase 30-fold by 2020, from 900 million in 2009 to 26 billion units by 2020, according to Gartner. This staggering number doesn’t even include some of our favorite gadgets such as computers, smartphones and tablets. The reason for this big jump in devices has everything to do with one thing: the connected home. With home sound systems entertaining our family and friends, home theater wiring taking our entertainment to new levels and the all in one remote connecting it all, there’s very little reason to ever leave home at this point! Here are just a few highlights of controlling your home with a remote.

  • When you feel you have too many remotes, one single remote control can do the job all on its own. Now, you can turn off all the lights in the house from your bedside or turn them all on in case of emergency. You can let visitors in without getting up, or do it from your office by smartphone if you’re not home. You can even set equipment to go on and off automatically by time or by occupancy, turn on/off lights, adjust temperature, turn on your home sound system and more.
  • Do you travel frequently and want to know and have control of what’s happening at your home or office while you’re away? Many you have to work late and don’t want people to know you’re not home. No problem. An all in one remote can be set to address your security and surveillance options with plenty of options…and peace of mind for your entire family.
  • If you’re like many families, you can spend a lot of money at the movies to please the kids when the latest animated feature hits the screens. With home theater wiring, you can use the same remote to control a giant flat-screen television right in your own home. Hooked up to your home sound system and everything else you’ve already got connected, your home will become a true palace of entertainment. And if it’s just the kids watching, you can set up the movie and take the remote with you so there’s no worry about losing it!

It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re dealing with too many remotes, but the decision to rewire needs to be made with some serious research. Not all electronics contractors are created equal, and while they many claim to offer high-quality design, installation and service, you could end up with a costly and dangerous new setup if you don’t go with a reputable company. Once you choose to go with an all in one remote, go with a home entertainment solution company that offers all the technology you need with highly experienced electricians on staff. That way, you’ll know your home theater wiring, home sound system and security is affordable, safe and enjoyable!