New Jersey Backyard Birthday Party Ideas

Are you searching through an endless sea of summer party themes, but cannot seem to find one that fits your birthday party plans in Monmouth County, New Jersey? Then we would suggest an outdoor movie birthday party. With an outdoor movie rental system, you are sure to have the ultimate backyard party experience!

Of all the kid’s birthday party ideas, hosting an outdoor movie party in your backyard is ideal for a variety of summer party themes. After all, it is summer in New Jersey; you might as well enjoy it to the fullest. Of all the backyard birthday party ideas, an outdoor movie rental is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

There is something enchanting about sitting outside under the stars, watching a movie with your friends. The reason this is a favorite among outdoor party ideas, is because it brings back a time much simpler than this, when drive-in theaters were popular. Kids and adults alike are sure to be swept away by the cinematic magic behind an outdoor movie rental.

By adding our outdoor movie rental to your list of backyard birthday party ideas, you are sure to make a lasting impression on your guests, and have a lot of fun, too. Even if you are on a budget, what better way to entertain than with an outdoor movie rental? Most of the outdoor movie screens are large enough to accommodate approximately 150 viewers, while remaining small enough to not cause a nuisance to neighbors. The perfect compromise between entertainment and respecting your neighbors is one more reason why an outdoor movie rental is among the greatest backyard birthday party ideas.

Here are some ways to ensure that your outdoor movie birthday party in Monmouth County, New Jersey will be a huge success.

Ultimate Visibility – For the best viewing experience during your outdoor movie birthday party, your movie should begin 15-30 minutes after dusk. Luckily, in the summertime, waiting for dusk does not require kids to have to stay up beyond a reasonable time.

Supplies for Your Outdoor Movie Birthday Party – For many who are considering an outdoor movie as one of their preferred outdoor party ideas this summer, they may be wondering what an outdoor movie rental company provides. In most cases, a movie rental company will provide the projector, screen and all equipment necessary. The customers are only responsible for the movie choice during their outdoor movie birthday party or family get-together.

Outdoor Maintenance – For the ultimate outdoor movie viewing experience, be sure to freshly mow the lawn and clear away any yard debris, so guests will be free to sit back and enjoy their outdoor movie experience.

Once you’re sure that, of all the family and kid’s birthday party ideas available, an outdoor movie birthday party or gathering of friends and family is your summer party of choice, the only thing left to do is call Home Theatre Connections for an outdoor movie rental quote.  Home Theatre Connections proudly serves Monmouth County, New Jersey with optimum outdoor movie viewing experiences.