Why a Control 4 System is a Life Changer for your Home

Advances in smart home devices are making it easier to automate routine tasks, feel safer in our homes and experience entertainment like never before. Leading the charge in this new world of technology is the Control 4 system, the user-friendly smart home platform.

Whether you’re a Control 4 owner, a smart-home hopeful or an architect who builds modern homes, you should know that this this system can completely enhance the comfort, convenience and enjoyment of any home. And here are just a few reasons why.

It’s Easy to Automate Your Home

You can automate your home with the Control4 Smart Home Operating System (OS), which connects technology across the home via a single, simple-to-use interface. Now all it takes is one remote to dim lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors, arm the security system and more. Your home can even be set to respond to your schedule and needs automatically.

Control 4 Smart Home Devices Can be Installed Tastefully

The Control 4 System can complement any home decor or architecture—working behind the scenes in every space and blending seamlessly with your vision.

You’re Safe When You’re Home or Away

Never worry about your security again with the ability to check in on things from wherever you are. The system can send alerts when someone enters your house, the garage door is left open or even if a leak is detected in the basement. One of the coolest features of this intelligent security is the Mockupancy™ app, which alternates the function of shades, lights and even TVs in a random fashion, simulating your family’s activities so it appears you’re home when you’re away!

Enjoy Every-Room Audio

Wouldn’t you love if high-resolution music could play throughout your home? Control 4 lets you stream music with a single push of a button from room-to-room—anywhere from kitchen to the backyard.

Stop wishing you could automate your home. With the Control 4 System, you can experience a new level of convenience, entertainment and security. Your home theater installers can set you up with this powerful technology today.